Friday, November 16, 2012

Revealing Trees

Many thanks to Anastasia at Booktalking, our Poetry Friday host today. Fill up with some delicious poetry today and all weekend. There's plenty!

I notice you
your leaves have ceased.
Dendrite limbs
reveal abandoned homes
of twigs and time.
In circadian rhythm
I passed each day
not knowing the teams of life
that sat chirping and cheeping
in the crooks of your trunk.


  1. I like the idea of revelation, "not knowing the teams of life/that sat chirping and cheeping. Lovely photo too, Betsy.

  2. Very nice. I like the idea of us going about our busy lives forgetting to listen to the pulse of nature.

  3. "...abandoned homes / of twigs and time..." This is lovely, Betsy! We take lots of nature walks around here and I always love seeing the lizards scurry under rocks or hearing whatever it is that rustles in the underbrush. So much going on around us!

  4. Hey, I was going to point out the same line Renee liked! :-) I liked it too.

  5. Beautiful picture to match your beautiful words. Thanks for sharing Betsy!

  6. I love the rich words you used in this poem. You created such a picture with your words. My heart went out to the birds who've had their twigs and branches stripped away by Mother Nature.