Friday, April 19, 2013

A Cold Poetry Friday

Don't forget...CHALK-A-BRATION on April 30th

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 Some love poems on a cold and snowy (really?) day in Michigan.

      Love Whispers
Our dust it wisps and waves
We will fall together in a snowflake
And gather in the drifts


     Lost and Found

Love was wearing a mask
For fear of revealing itself
Love blanketed the wanting and feeling
Passing the places of strangled hearts
Love crossed the moat
Trudging through depths of happiness
Love boxed itself up and resided on a shelf
Trapped in the lost and found
Love imagined what might have been
If only it had taken off the mask.

The above poem was inspired by the Wordle below. It was made up of many lines and unused parts of poems that I have in one of my notebooks. I didn't require myself to only use those words but I let it inspire some new ones with a personified dark contrast to the idea of love.


  1. Hi Betsy, I love your love poems! My fav lines:
    "Love was wearing a mask .... Love crossed the mote .... Love boxed itself up and resided on a shelf."

    What a great idea to use a Wordle as inspiration. I'm going to try that sometime.

  2. A Wordle-inspired poem! That's new to me -- how creative! :-) I like "Love boxed itself up and resided on a shelf/ Trapped in the lost and found" too.

  3. I think that we are all thinking the same, "love boxed itself up and resided on a shelf" is a terrific line, Betsy! I also like the Love Whispers poem, 'wisps and waves'. And I put "chalkabration" on my calendar!

  4. Love imagined what it might have been... sigh. Thank you for these! And for the chalkabration reminder!

  5. I love your poems. They are powerful! The Wordle of unused words and the process of writing your poems is for thought for another day. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your heart.

  6. Chalkabration is on my calendar, too!

    I was wondering if your dust poem wandered into your mask poem. Was the mote supposed to be the moat?

    I loved all of the unusual verbs in the second poem!

    1. Yes it was Mary Lee...grrrr...thanks for being my editor :)