Friday, September 6, 2013

Words Flow

Poetry Friday is hosted by Author Amok this week. Join in and read some poetry with friends. 

Words flow free
from you to me
and waves of doubt
swirl in and out
but we don’t care,
we stop and stare
in each other’s eyes
no one can hide.


  1. Hi, Betsy. Something about the tone of your poem makes me picture a high school romance -- I think teens would really like this one.

  2. This feels like a heated exchange to me. I love the depth of feeling in it. My favorite: "waves of doubt/swirl in and out."

  3. I agree with the others -- hard to know what kind of exchange it is, but it's definitely intimate. Nice job!

  4. Very nice, Betsy! No one can hide, indeed!

  5. What a moment...hiding is hard in such a moment!