Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tiny Hands

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Tiny things...this seems to be on my mind lately. I wrote a post on Two Writing Teachers Thursday and a commenter said it sounded like the start of a poem. I thought, of course, it must be. So I went with it and created a little poem about tiny hands.

Tiny hands
miniature fingers
tipped with limitless stories
tiny hands holding
new beginnings
creating memories
tiny but mighty.


  1. Glad you're diving deeper into this image by writing about it in a variety of genres.

  2. How nice, a found poem from your own writing! I loved the tiny hands image. I want to hold on to the delicate feeling of my students as writers "tipped with limitless stories."

  3. Betsy,
    Your poem took me right into Writer's Workshop where my young writers are learning to discover their stories; collecting them like treasured shells along the beach.


  4. Sweet poem. Love "tipped with limitless stories" :)

  5. I hereby pledge to neglect math a little better to ensure that writing time in kindergarten is not the poor stepchild left behind in the ashes on the night of the ball.

    Okay, that metaphor may be overdramatic, but I mean it. Every day when things get hairy around 1:40, it's Writing Workshop that takes a hit. Why do I allow this? What am I thinking? Fresh start on Tuesday after our trip to the farm....

  6. Betsy - this brought me back to watching my nephew's tiny hands wiggle when he was a baby. And to think that the tiny hands of a baby might one day write! Wonderful!

  7. Love the image of fingers tipped with stories--very nice!

  8. Hi there Betsy, I loved "tiny but mighty" most of all. and yes fingers tipped with untold stories. :) Beautiful.

  9. A perfect way to capture the essence of your post, Betsy.

  10. What a wonderful ending: "tiny but mighty." So much potential in those tiny hands! Thanks for drawing attention to them.
    - Violet N.

  11. I could picture those small hands earnestly gripping their pencils and putting their words and stories onto paper. Mighty.