Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorites From a Facebook Collaborative Poetry Project

Michelle at Today's Little Ditty has the roundup!

I recently began putting a line or two in my status on Facebook. From there my Facebook friends leave comments creating the remaining lines. It has been fun to watch these poems progress and grow. It has also brought some who don't usually write poetry to join in with a line. It's less intimidating to generate a line but can be tricky when the poem is in flux.

Here are some offerings from the project:

The hurricane, a thief
leaves the grass
spiked and colorless.
Sand, driven into the weathered boards.
Wind whips about
funneling and twisting back into the dark eye
of a wrinkled face
of a hopelessly insecure little round man.
Rushing water unleashes gas tanks to bounce and bob down the river
tearing century old covered bridges to shreds.
Fear and rage keep me tethered
tying me to the inner vortex.
As if the hurricane-thief thought,
I will take everything and leave you grass.
Spiked colorless grass.

Tea Biscuit Memories

As my honey dipped spoon stirs my tea
the aroma of biscuits fills the air.
I hear my grandmother's steps cross to the oven.
"Almost ready," she calls.
The smell fills her kitchen.
My stomach growls in anticipation
as they emerge
golden hued and inviting.
Her house coat is tattered and worn,
much like her skin it shows the age and wear.
Every wrinkle is a story to be heard.
She takes a long drag on her Lucky Strikes cigarette,
pulls on the red flowered oven mitt and opens the oven door.
Each artisan creation kneaded with love unconditional
aroma and aesthetic needed to create a memory.
As I waken, I feel blessed for the visit
and can still smell the faint aroma of her floating in the air.
I gaze at the curtains that once were hers.
Hear her laughter and wise words.
She lives in my heart.
We pour green tea in fancy cups, in her honor.
We call ourselves, Cassies's Girls.


  1. Wow, what a fun project! It's amazing that "Tea Biscuit Memories" was done by a group because it seems so personal. :-)

  2. What an awesome project, Betsy! Truly spectacular results here. Are we friends on FB yet? If not, I think we need to be. I'm going to go look now....

  3. This is really amazing. You have some talented friends. Let's keep it going...

  4. It's been fun, Betsy, & there's always a surprise line it seems, that 'turns' the poem into something unexpected. Thanks for the idea!

  5. Betsy,
    Not having a blog of my own YET, I have enjoyed this little project of yours as you know from my comments/message. It is truly not that intimidating to offer and it is nice to see those who don't consider themselves poets joining in! Cassie's Girls or Tea Biscuit Memories reminds me of a poem I wrote about my grandmother called "Learning to Fish". It is probably somewhere on my FB wall. It just earned a place in a national Pen Women poetry contest but what matters most is the memory of spending summer days clamming with my grandmother out in the Hamptons on Long Island back when they had not yet been "discovered". Truly a whimsical beautiful time for me and memories I treasure.

  6. These are fascinating. I think I feel an interesting tension between making the lines connect and pulling things in a different direction.

  7. So here's what I'm realizing. I commented to Jeannine that I want to live in a neighborhood where we get together and read our favorite poems. But I kind of do...virtually. And it's the same neighborhood where people get together to build a poem one line at a time.

    Please remind me not to do a big project next year. I want to have time to visit and play!

  8. Tea Biscuit Memories resonated with me. Filled with such loving memories and tribute to a well-loved woman. I'm loving what you're doing on Facebook too. What a refreshing change from the usual stuff found in social networking websites. :)