Friday, May 18, 2012

A Very Inspired Poetry Friday

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I have to credit a few people for helping inspire this poem. Linda at TeacherDance introduced me to the idea of Looking Long and a John Moffit poem that does just that. Ruth Ayres from {} inspired me with a challenge to look at color more closely. From a silent little spot a poem started, then got freshened with color and from there came the illustration of a single dew drops journey. I'd like to ride a dew drop one day and sit among the leaves and their quiet whispers.


I wait there
waking slowly
Almost grown
With daybreak stretched.

The golden sheen of
Sunlit specks
Slide toward me,
Spheres of wet.

They swallow me,
I'm sliding
To the sunlit tip I go.

The stem bends,
Shade descends,
The hues of green
turn bright.

Yellow speckled sunlight
Bouncing, burning
Once stout
Now light.

In a blinding free fall
As I dance

And twist

My fall softened
By a drape of

1 comment:

  1. Robin • 3 weeks ago
    Very cool! I love that you shared the background and then the end result! I like the line "spheres of wet.". Thanks for sharing!

    Linda Baie • 3 weeks ago
    Oh, very nice, Betsy. I love that 'yellow speckled sunlight' & then, finally, drape of sprawling violets'. And I enjoyed how you thought deeply in this. How great it is to consider a small droplet. It seems to me that thinking about those things helps us make leaps we never knew we could think.

    onesunflower 12p • 3 weeks ago
    There are benefits to waiting until the weekend to catch up on blog reading - your entries over the week are a prime example. It is wonderful to read and see the process you have revealed here. Thanks.