Thursday, May 16, 2013

Contrails and the Light

Bright white beams
stripe the sky 
contrails wisp
and climb up high.

Yellowed light beams
stripe the grass
coming then going
in daylight's pass.

I am excited to be visiting Amy at The Poem Farm today with my students. We celebrated poetry month with our Chalk-A-Bration on April 30th and Amy is featuring it there on her blog today. You too can join the Chalk-A-Bration on May 31st to share your original poem, a favorite or an illustration--or get really ambitious and do all three with chalk! See you there.

What did you say? You want to know the history of Chalk-A-Bration? Here is the link.

Poetry Friday is hosted by Ed at Think Kid, Think! Be sure to drop in and comment on the many wonderful poetic offerings. 


  1. It was very fun to see your Chalk-A-Bration! Contrails are a perfect topic for chalk illustration, too!

  2. Every time I see contrails, I think of the second grader excitedly telling me that "There are Xs in the sky!" Now I see those Xs all the time!