Thursday, May 2, 2013

Winter Memories

Elizabeth Steinglass is our Poetry Friday host on this early day in May. 

I attempted to write a poem using the starter, "wanting memories." It is from a song that my husband sings around the house and constantly has in his head (therefore it is in my head as well).
However, wanting memories soon became winter memories.
Winter memories 
replaced with blooms
puddles pinked
with sunset hues


As you can see my poem has been chalked in celebration of a very fun week with fellow chalkers. If you have a moment you can check out the other chalk poets who contributed to CHALK-A-BRATION 2013. If you have a hankering for dusty palms join in on May 31st!


  1. I like the rhyme here Betsy. Nice to 'hear'! The chalk poems are really fun!

  2. Love that 'winter memories' are replaced with 'blooms', Betsy. Hooray for spring! And chalking your poem is a fun way to share.

  3. Oooh! I love those "puddles pinked/with sunset hues"!!

  4. I love the last two lines also. And the image. I will have to check out the chalk-a-bration!

  5. I like that picture of you sharing what's in your husband's head. How true -- whatever song is in my husband's head ends up in mine, as well!

  6. Lovely! Such a sweet and hopeful sentiment ...and just what I needed.

  7. Puddles pinked brings a very striking sense of peace in the calm afterthought of winter where hibernation enfolds us in somber states of being. It is time to go forth and GO DO in the summer winds of June.