Friday, November 29, 2013


Poetry Friday is hosted today at Carol's Corner.

I was reading some posts this morning. I stopped by Teacherdance to visit Linda's latest offering and got inspired to write this:

in a state of arrest?
No need for resurrection
or defibrillation.
It lives each day
in a flow of words
from my pitcher.
It fills my cup, brimming
spilling over onto my page.
Poetry is eternal.



  1. Happy to hear my experiences inspired your poem, Betsy. Wow-and it is a 'flow of words/from my pitcher' during NCTE & every day for me. Thank you!

  2. So cool that Linda's post inspired this nice flow of words onto the page!

  3. Lovely to read Linda's post and then hop over here- LOVE that last line, Betsy!

  4. I love how we all connect across the miles through our words.

  5. Oh wow, Betsy, how beautiful. It is indeed amazing how words bring like-minded souls together. :)

  6. I love this! "It fills my cup, brimming/spilling over onto my page." Thank you for sharing!

  7. Beautiful Betsy! Poetry like water flowing is such a satisfying and comforting description.

  8. Love to hear about PF inspiration, and contradicting people who say that poetry is dead! Your poem reminds me of this quote by Kellie Elmore: “Poetry will die when love and pain cease to exist.”

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  10. Lovely poem!

    in a state of arrest?" As good as an oxymoron can get! Well as Shakespeare said, and I paraphrase from memory: Poetry will live on till life exists. Granting immortality in its lines.
    Whilst I think think yours is a personal lyric, it is as universal as can be.
    And this line before the last is very telling: "spilling over onto my page" I took it to mean that poetry encapsulates your life, i.e. your page and spills over (comes into being) in a fit of creation, like all art does.
    I am Sid by the way, if you are wondering who the stranger is; I've started my poetry blog. Please do pay it a visit:

    Warm regards from a fellow poet,
    Sid K.

  11. Hi!
    I found you on the Poetry Friday page
    on Amy's site. She is a friend of mine.
    I am repeating the oft said hackneyed line:
    but isn't the internet amazing!! and it's so true.
    I mean I live farthest from America, yet
    I have friends in it ! With permission
    might I add you to my Google circle?

  12. “… they see entitlement where there is beauty.”
    you've hit the bull's eye! And one of the gripes I have
    with modern society is that it is material—
    material this-- material that; it pervades, erodes, unless
    one in a Yeatsian sense retreats to The Lake Isle of Innisfree,
    which is a space we can all discover within us. Without which
    one is forced to conform, and one is forced to bow—
    Something in poetry that lets me escape all this ….