Friday, December 6, 2013

Jingling Chatter

Robyn at Life on the Deckle Edge has the roundup today.
Coins clatter
pocket chatter
splitting through
the walls of matter
straight in my ears
out through my eyes
a jangling jingle
in disguise.

Yesterday I chalked the first two lines of this poem as part of my Chalk-A-Day for #nerdlution on Twitter. I thought I would expand on it and think more about what I was visualizing when I wrote those first two lines. In the spirit of the season, a jingle bell came into play, but it didn't stay.


  1. Love 'pocket chatter'! Fun poem :).

  2. Pocket chatter can tell you so much. I remember having coins in my pocket telling me I could buy some penny candy, and more recently, keys in my pocket telling me I could get back in the house!

  3. A fun beginning! I had visions of the Salvation Army kettle!

  4. What fun. I wonder what that pocket chatter said, coin to coin.

  5. You could almost do a whole series with the topic of pocket chatter, Betsy! Much fun to hear it (I read it out loud!).

  6. This is a great jingle, Betsy. Loved it! And Linda's right, it's perfect for a read-aloud.

  7. I agree with the others, Betsy-- there's so many places one could take "pocket chatter" -- I hope you're inspired to do so. Would love to read more!