Thursday, June 6, 2013


Burning my eyes
The light pours
Out of him
He reddens my skin.

A giver of life
A taker of dark
Shining for all
Setting at night.

To be missed
To be longed
To be gone
Until dawn.

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  1. Let the sun radiate out, but don't get burned. Poignant piece.

  2. Nice, Betsy. Too much rain here lately, so no one is getting red...just doing the longing.

  3. Oh, nice. I didn't 'see' who 'he' was at first. We've had much sun this week, wishing for some of the rain that Donna has.

  4. I like
    "a giver of life
    a taker of dark"

    We do long for that sun when he's not around, don't we? Nice poem!

  5. Oh, that Sun. Our relationship with him is a tricky one, eh?

  6. Enjoyed the "riddle-y" nature of your poem, Betsy -- it feels as though there are fewer poems addressing our relationship with the sun as if "he" were a person than there are moon/woman poems.