Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I saw this image on Facebook today as I was scrolling after a long last day of school. It reminded me of a poem I wrote during March SOLC. I love the beach and water so much and thought this was a great pairing of words, image and statement--

Here is a revisit to the poem. You should write your own.

I Am

I am a list maker
I am a sun seeker
I am a sand lover
I am a spring waiter
I am a snow runner
I am a bird watcher
I am a kid hugger
I am a star wisher
I am a heart chaser
I am a story maker
I am a only I am

I Think in Poems is my new blog I started to house my poetry. I hope you will visit and support as much as you have at Teaching Young Writers.

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  1. Beautiful new space to house your poet thoughts. Way to launch Betsy!

  2. Love it, Betsy, the words and the pics, too. That cup (your cup!). You're on my feed now!

  3. What a perfect name for your blog! I love the concept of thinking in poems. You are so talented. I look forward to more.

  4. Love this!! We are in the midst of writing an "I am from" poem with our preschoolers, to hold all our favorite memories of the school year. I love this "I am" !

  5. I am...
    loving your new digs...
    excited about reading your thoughts in poems...
    looking forward to seeing you in person next week!

  6. Love the new blog reveal-great way to capture your poetry. I also like your I AM poem and will consider getting one into my writers notebook!

  7. Inspiration is bursting off the page! I am excited to see where this new space to capture and share your thoughts takes you. It is one of the best things about teaching, I think, that we get this time to renew ourselves. This blog is like a physical manifestation of that feeling...and it is contagious!

  8. Your new space is beautiful Betsy, but not as wonderful as your poems. I enjoy reading your work and look forward to reading more in this new place. I am inspired to write an I Am poem now...good thing it's summer time! Write on!