Saturday, June 1, 2013


water showers
cleansing my heart
cleaning the day
that tore me apart

forward I go
scrubbing away
suds-ing my soul
brightening my day

closing my eyes
moments they pass
the trickles they stop
day goes in a flash

a reflection of me
I look deep at my gaze
I wonder what comes
in the next of my days


  1. i like the image of the showers cleaning the heart and in the scrubbing away of things that happen find a way again to look life in the face with new courage again..

  2. A shower always makes me feel better after a bad day, too... and after a good day for that mattter. = )

  3. sometimes we do have to stop and scrub to get back to where we can feel...and then we start taking on a bit of it again...what next...after the cleaning perhaps now we can face whatever it is...smiles.

  4. I believe we use the same theme, the showering act is also a cleansing ritual ~ Very nice share ~

    And nice to meet you at D'verse ~

  5. That aspect of showering is so important to remember, unfortunately when I need it the most, I rush the most and forget what's important ;-)

  6. A nice hot shower does well to wash away the day. May your days be bright and full of sunny sunshine!

  7. we can reflect in more than one way in the bathroom

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