Friday, December 7, 2012

A Summer Dandelion

Poetry Friday is hosted by the animal loving poet and author herself, Robyn Hood Black (her name is so cool). Visit her at Read, Write, Howl to check out more poetry and touches of many topics, seasons and an animal or two I'm sure!

a seed
it sees
it breathes
the air
and varies
every breath
on wind
it glides
past the corn field
hi and bye
birds eye view
it dives and hides
an eventual
pull to end
the ride
it pops and drops
and droops
and slides
it stumbles over
blows right by
then rests on grass
a blade
or two
and doesn't
know just what to do
but lay and wait
for drops of dew
to sun itself
from noon to two
then burst and grab
and stretch
and slide
along the blades
above to ride
again the wind
will have its turn
but firmly planted
it will learn
to hold and
bend and
and play
until it blows
its seeds away.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Random Doodling Thoughts

Serve up your slice over 
at Two Writing Teachers with Stacey and Ruth.


New notebook
new stories
new pen
new pourings
of poems
things and doodles
marks sharing
the page
visions and thinking
soon to be
perfectly imperfect
just like me.