Friday, August 30, 2013

Spreading Myself Out

Thank you Tara from A Teaching Life for hosting Poetry Friday!

Please, please, please go to Two Writing Teachers blog today to read my guest post on "Where is Poetry? It's Everywhere." I share some personal early on experiences with poetry and talk about the importance it has in the classroom....everyday. 

Here is my PF offering of the day.

I spread over water
I spread over land
If love is the lake
My heart is the sand.

I spread over head
I spread over trees
If love is the sky
My heart is the breeze.

I spread over grass
I spread over flowers
If love is the clouds
My heart is the showers.

I spread over two
I spread over one
If all this is love
My heart is the sun

Friday, August 23, 2013

Poetry Friday is Here!

You found it! I am excited to be hosting Poetry Friday once again, but from my newer toddler, one might say! I have been working on other writing projects about poetry instead of writing poems lately. But, as I sat here this week pondering a poem, a rhyme, anything really I realized all I can think about is summer slipping away. How it comes and then it goes and we all move through to the next season.

I hope you will all join me for Chalk-A-Bration on Saturday August, 31st! I hope to keep the Chalk-A-Bration going all year long this time so be sure to join in and check out all the chalkers next week!

And now onto my offerings of the day...





And then.....I saw a bee! I am so easily distracted. But, had to write about it, because it was a bee buzzing really close to me on my hydrangea bush. Don't worry, the bee was unharmed.

Pollen parcels
packed for flight.
From petal to petal
your dance, a sight

I watch you
captured in the web.
As petals cradle
your little head.

Photo by Shawn Hubbard

And so begins the roundup.....drum roll......

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Roundup complete now onto reading all of you! Happy weekend poetry friends.

Friday, August 9, 2013

A Hunch

Little hunches
Stir in bunches
Wishes from
A well of punches

Hunches grab
They grow and swell
Up the wall
Into your well

Then suddenly
They become clear
Reality to you
But you must steer

Away from it
For it will spec-
you-late away
all truths and traits

Your wishes
Let them wash you
don’t doubt your truth
let that be clear.

Hostess Renee at No Water River will have the roundup!