Friday, June 28, 2013


A wander, a wonder
My hand at my side.

I pet lilies and wilds
With black little eyes

Soft and sound steps
As the tweets fill the air.

I spy blue and red berries
To munch and to share.

A butterfly landing
On my cone flowered ear

I listen, wings whisper
As sunlight appears.

This poem is coming out of my imagination of my soon to be vacation to wooded bliss. I look forward to the wildflowers, waterfall sprays and sounds of nature. I am always bewildered by the beauty of this home we all share. I don't have to go far to enjoy it (well, ten hours, maybe kind of far). But, it feels worth it to see something that is so natural, carved out of water, growing wild, greens and purples. The lushness and softness of the chromatic colors amaze me. I will pet the flowers and listen for those whispering wings.
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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Concert

My slice is the observations I witnessed and felt at a concert last night. It was an experience that I will remember. I will enjoy the images that are burned in my eyes over and over again.


Polka dotted
pinked and laced
tattered cuffs
feathered heads and
flowering hair
tambourine ready
smiles planted
love abounding


his eyes were piercing
his stand was strong
his hands releasing
his voice
his song


A flood
a thrill
a crying chill
I run
I ran
to hear again
his voice in alleys
crammed and tight
a baritone
a trumpet song
my ears delight

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Journey of
a little seed
not yet a sproutlet
not yet indeed
she flutter floats
she rides the breeze
she runs along
her elders sleeve

Moments older
she tumbles down
new journeys forward
new journeys found
she's planted there
with no despair
she waits and wishes
sunlight appears

Little droplets
drawing near
she waits again
to burst and cheer
her journey starting
all over again
she sprouts to life
rebirth begins.

This poem was inspired by a simple prompt given by Ruth Ayres at the ALL WRITE!!! Conference in Warsaw, Indiana. She simply said, "write about journey..."
I love simple things.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Earth's Rhythm

Alone and brittle
the last leaf to fall
a tumbling tempo
a breakable ball.

Winter memories
replaced with blooms
puddles pinked
by sunset hues.

Summer sand
a stinging splash
long days to come
storms will pass.

Life sings a song
seasons hum
my heart beats
earth's rhythmic drum.

Today I am double linking...Slice of Life and dVerse open link night.
This poem finally came together today. It has been played with for weeks, months maybe and was never quite right. A poem is never really done, but it felt complete today.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013



a wish for the wishless
shine for the shineless
hope for the hopeless
speech for the speechless
a song for the songless
peace for the peaceless
mind for the mindless
love the for the loveless
care for the careless
soul for the souless
a face for the faceless
heart for the heartless
help for the helpless
rest for the restless
trust for the trustless
faith for the faithless
life for the lifeless
joy for the joyless
wake for the wakeless

WORDS for the wordless


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I saw this image on Facebook today as I was scrolling after a long last day of school. It reminded me of a poem I wrote during March SOLC. I love the beach and water so much and thought this was a great pairing of words, image and statement--

Here is a revisit to the poem. You should write your own.

I Am

I am a list maker
I am a sun seeker
I am a sand lover
I am a spring waiter
I am a snow runner
I am a bird watcher
I am a kid hugger
I am a star wisher
I am a heart chaser
I am a story maker
I am a only I am

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Thursday, June 6, 2013


Burning my eyes
The light pours
Out of him
He reddens my skin.

A giver of life
A taker of dark
Shining for all
Setting at night.

To be missed
To be longed
To be gone
Until dawn.

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Maybe never before
but now
contentment comes. 
Shaken awake
a future not far
hope is swirling the day.
Refreshed gaze
eyes full of fire
out of a haze.
She can see.
A girl who is present
standing on the other side of fear.
Freed, not frayed.
On a pier of happiness
and cleansing spray.
Breathing sun
feeling air
her creed

her prayer.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


water showers
cleansing my heart
cleaning the day
that tore me apart

forward I go
scrubbing away
suds-ing my soul
brightening my day

closing my eyes
moments they pass
the trickles they stop
day goes in a flash

a reflection of me
I look deep at my gaze
I wonder what comes
in the next of my days