Thursday, June 20, 2013


Journey of
a little seed
not yet a sproutlet
not yet indeed
she flutter floats
she rides the breeze
she runs along
her elders sleeve

Moments older
she tumbles down
new journeys forward
new journeys found
she's planted there
with no despair
she waits and wishes
sunlight appears

Little droplets
drawing near
she waits again
to burst and cheer
her journey starting
all over again
she sprouts to life
rebirth begins.

This poem was inspired by a simple prompt given by Ruth Ayres at the ALL WRITE!!! Conference in Warsaw, Indiana. She simply said, "write about journey..."
I love simple things.

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  1. Can't believe you attended All Write and wrote a gorgeous poem all in one day! You must have been tired last night! Love this surprise take on journey- I will think of it next time I see a seedling!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful journey indeed. :) Have fun at the All Write Conference!

  3. How fun! I am missing the energy and companionship of All Write! I would have loved to meet you in person!!

  4. I like how your seed flutter-floats. Simple, yet profound journey indeed. Thanks for sharing.

  5. "Moments older". < Love it!

    I can't help but think about your poem with beautifully painted illustrations. Somehow Little Seed seems like a character you have to love and root for (pun intended) a good ending.

  6. Catching up with all this from All Write, Betsy. It was great to meet you, but I didn't get a real chance to visit much with you, Robin & Tina. So nice you all could come together! I love this-would have to look back at my notes to see what I did! This "Little droplets
    drawing near
    she waits again
    to burst and cheer" is a favorite part!

  7. You have such a beautiful soul.