Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Maybe never before
but now
contentment comes. 
Shaken awake
a future not far
hope is swirling the day.
Refreshed gaze
eyes full of fire
out of a haze.
She can see.
A girl who is present
standing on the other side of fear.
Freed, not frayed.
On a pier of happiness
and cleansing spray.
Breathing sun
feeling air
her creed

her prayer.


  1. There is freedom is happiness...this is a powerful, attention grabbing poem Betsy. Nicely done!

  2. To stand on the other side of fear means we have to pass through it - but there is no other path to being free from it.

  3. A girl who is present
    standing on the other side of fear.
    Freed, not frayed....

    nice...i love that...sometimes we have to travel through it to get there...that freedom, that cleansing...

  4. Funny how some never see happiness as the journey - but only as a far off- never obtainable destination. But for a lot us, especially artists, I think, those two things come together at some point. Y0our poem reminds me of when happiness found me. Thank you for that.

  5. Yes the to be free and not frayed.. and breathing sun.. love that imagery ... really nice

  6. Such joy and freedom tied together here--wonderful piece

  7. To be free and not frayed...lovely piece.

  8. What a beautiful poem. It is so cleansing to be on the other side of fear and take control of your craft. May it lead you on a great adventure.

  9. The power of the awakening - the essence of reaching beyond...

  10. ...oh, an ineffable bliss... loved it... smiles...

  11. This plucks my heartstrings in the same places as the others: "Freed, not frayed." and :...the other side of fear."

    Lovely. True.