Friday, July 26, 2013

Sun Night Light

Poetry Friday is hosted by Sherri at Semicolon.

Sun Night Light

his light
never sleeps
it shines
over me
each night
in the dark
no fire
not burning
but reflecting
his beauty

I think about the sun a lot. It is there everyday, hard not to. But even when I am squinting, or sweating in its heat I appreciate the sun. Even when he goes to shine on others around the corner he still shines for us at night when he kisses the moon. The moon is my sun night light.

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Friday, July 19, 2013

Earthetry: Earth Inspired Poetry

More poems inspired by the U.P. of Michigan.


Sun in my eyes
pupils small
crinkled brow
I strain to smile
the rays are silent
but the growth
billows in the grass and
greens as I


I imagine happiness 
smelling like a pine cone,
sweet, earthy, 


Hills and mountains
topped with trees
rocky islands
lined with leaves
piney stems
greenlit views
sun sprinkled in
like little windows
on a birch
the rays more round
my view in search
of little fairies
watching me
I hear them scurry
I hear them flee.

Little Rock Island

Little island
distant land
isolated from
your own sand
your own trees
defy and find
through the cracks
birch and pine
row and tow
the people go
to test your water
with chill dipped toes.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My children were having a conversation in the car and it lead to this:

J, "What's a honeymoon?"
E, "It's when honey gets on the moon."

My thought..."honey on the moon." Don't you just instantly see that? The fact that it started with the word honeymoon lead me to a love poem. Short and sweet like a drop of honey. Long on meaning if you are struggling with the sticky strings of love.


Like honey on the moon
I fall right back to you
Slow and golden sweet
My heart’s biggest feat.

Friday, July 12, 2013

A Poetic Peek at My Recent Vacation

I was in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan recently. I love it there. The beauty is bountiful. The colors vibrant. The people are happy and removed from tech this and tech that. They have no cell service in many areas still but you can occasionally find a spot of WiFi here and there (a few times I got it right in my tent)! I wrote a lot of lines, descriptions, anticipations of things I would see. I wrote a lot of words while up there. The first poem is one that I wanted to find before I left. I wrote it and then we went in search of it each day. The second poem was inspired by a beautiful sunset on the night of July 4th. It could not have been pinker or more beautiful. 


Wildflowers will abound
With each step
Soft and sound
A water spray 
From falling springs
Toward river flows
And cliffs that bring
The greenery
The scenery
I wonder and I wait
To see what I am longing for
Outside where I escape.


Wind carries away
a blissful day
of sun’s sweet air
perfumed with care
of each bud and bloom
she blankets them
with chromatic hues. 

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Live Today


Little Poems of My Day

You blew in,
no one knew
you knocked down towering trees
yet we could see through
we gawked and we shook
as you boomed and flashed
your transparent drops
began to cloud
and crash
against the glass
as we strained
our eyes burned...
another tree
at each turn
then as quick as you came
you blew away
to us a minute interuption
but to the trees
a forever fallen memory.

I see small sways
and your drops
come my way
and winds
blow you down
while my dogwood
holds on
to what?
the ground?
to life?
roots straining against you
While you
get washed,
lay down
won't stop
will grow
even taller
greener, stronger
while my little dogwood
struggles towering over
you, a green carpet below her
she struggles
you look weak
you will get cut
but you will go on

We say
live today
we say
let go
we say
be present
we say
go forward
we say
we say
we say
but when
is like
we stay
and I
go do

Friday, July 5, 2013


As I sit alone
I see the clarity
of nature's position
she takes all of what she needs
lest it be taken from her
the sun says goodnight
and she rests until morning
to start all over again
drinking the rain
welcoming the rays
singing earth's song

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


the waterfall wrapped itself around my ankles
as its spray lifted over my head and I was misted
smile stretching hands over head
I stand in a back bend welcoming the wet

Can you see this poem? I have a vivid image and hope that I am doing this right now as I am exploring the woods on a nature adventure.

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