Monday, April 30, 2012


I Chalk
Today is the day
I hope you got
dusty eyebrows
scraped knuckles
sore palms
dirty kneecaps  
and truly


I hope you all had/have a good chalking experience. Mine was especially dusty, fun and admittedly a bit nerve racking! How silly, right? It's chalk! So, go chalk to your heart's delight and share with all of us fellow chalkers to celebrate one wonderful month of April. I know I have learned a whole lot!

Early entries and anyone else who posts to my previous chalky-goodness will get updated in this post. All others can check out, comment, and link your own chalk poetry or illustrations in the comments below! For the back story on this idea and more specific instructions visit here.

Mary Lee gets us started from A Year of Reading saying goodby to Sunday with her Chalk-ku.


  1. Amy LV • 6 weeks ago
    What a joyful idea! Thank you again, Betsy. I love your poem and CHALK in chalk too! Today at the very very end of a very very long post, I have my chalk - it's one of my favorite poems, by Ezra Pound. (I used the photo as my Facebook cover today too!) Thank you for this fun day...I'll be back to check out the others later!

    Linda Baie • 6 weeks ago
    You can find mine here, Betsy. I did get dusty (& sore) knees. A few days after, the rain came & now it's washed away, but the picture will keep it for me. I love your "chalk" in "chalk", & the poem of all the ways chalk can enter our lives. Thanks for doing & happy end of April!

    Robin • 6 weeks ago
    Thank you Betsy for a fun idea! I was hoping to take my class outside to do shape poems today guessed it! It's raining! I went a slightly different route for my chalk poem...hope you don't mind. I love your poems...both the poem and the chalk in chalk picture!

    __Shawn__ 22p • 6 weeks ago
    Many thanks to you for finally getting me on the Blog Wagon. Chalking words is on of my favorite things to do. It pairs well with poetry. Hours after chalked my poem the rain took it away, but here it will live forever!! Love your poem!!

  2. Barbara • 6 weeks ago
    Thank you for the inspiration. We really enjoyed our afternoon, thanks to you!

    Robyn Hood Black • 6 weeks ago
    Just chiming in to say these are great! Happy Last Day of Poetry Month....

    marika • 6 weeks ago
    Us, too! We tried some chalk-a-bration! It was so much fun... Thanks so much for the fantastic idea!

    Mary Lee • 6 weeks ago
    Betsy -- love your CHALK in chalk and your poem, too. You found some really BLACK pavement to chalk on and that makes your poem really pop. Mine is kind of the end of the day on a Sunday and like the end of a BUSY April. Thanks again for all of your thoughtful and encouraging comments!

    __Shawn__ 22p • 6 weeks ago

    If you need to darken your pavement just a bit, a light misting is very helpful. Too much water and the words fade. Just enough and they POP!! We used a portable sprayer that you have to pump up - Quite helpful when you have to wash away mistakes.

    Lynn • 6 weeks ago
    Love the idea of getting "Chalked"...words can be so powerful can't they? Love this idea! Thanks for sharing...
    I love your chalk-ku! Nice idea! I also love seeing little kids chalk work...thanks for sharing this!

    Lori • 5 weeks ago
    Happy be-lated chalk a bration! Loved looking at these. Alas, our chalk was used up during extreme hopscotching and I haven't gotten around to buying more, but as soon as I do I am totally posting an asphalt poem. Chalk it up to procrastination. ;-)