Friday, September 13, 2013

Earthetry Re-Visited with Tagxedo

This week our host is Jen from Teach Mentor Texts!

Haven't done this in a while but remembered when Mary Lee first introduced me to Wordle inspired poems. So, I gave Tagxedo a try this time with an old post titled Earthetry

A poetry smile
spreads over my lips
poem inspired
happiness rich.

Imagining an hour
with rays for trees
the sun as the breeze
eyes crinkled and green.

Reading the words
of pine sweet views
sometimes I think
earth's windows look through.


  1. Your Wordle turned out very well -- did you make the pinecone shape yourself or was that a happy coincidence?

  2. Lovely poem -- and cool wordle.:)

  3. Ah. This made me smile too. Love the wordle.

  4. Grinning as I read your words and admire your wordle. I love that you created another dimension with your words, Betsy. =)

  5. Those words "Poetry Smile" jumped out at me, too, before I even read your poem! Thanks for taking my advice...maybe I should do the same!! :-)

  6. I like the word "earthetry". I haven't seen the Wordle form before - it's interesting!