Friday, November 28, 2014

It's Been a While

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I have been absent from Poetry Friday for a while now. I think I got a little overwhelmed by my writing life and poetry took a back seat for a bit. This past weekend I had the pleasure and opportunity to go to NCTE! I saw some of my poetry friends and I felt inspired. In between sessions I scribbled little poems down to look at later. I even gave one as a gift to someone at the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life dinner.
Here are a couple of the poems I worked on in my little moments in between.

As flocks of sun rise
I am caught in the flicker
of this moment
when the rays rise interrupted
by strobes of birds
the sun wraps its wings
around the day.

Cherry blossom sprinkles
scattered round my feet
window panes of sunlight
dancing rays, they peek
at my little footsteps
dragging through the scent
kicking up the fragrance
and moments I have spent
looking through the window
gazing at a scene
of cherry blossom petals
and draping reds and pinks.


  1. Welcome back! It's hard to balance writing, blogging, teaching, and real life! Glad you found time to write poetry and post! I love your image of "cherry blossom sprinkles." Isn't NCTE amazing???

  2. Wow. That first one. Every single bit of it. Wow.

  3. "the sun wraps its wings
    around the day." -- Beautiful. And "my little footsteps
    dragging through the scent
    kicking up the fragrance
    and moments I have spent..." -- such a rich, vivid image. I hope you find time to share more with us!

  4. Thanks for popping into PF, Betsy! Glad you got to go to NCTE - I will make it one of these years. Beautiful imagery in that first poem, and it calls to mind Diane's "murmeration" post for this week... Happy (if crazy) Holidays! :0)

  5. Fabulous poems, Betsy! Amazing imagery in both. =)