Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Live Today


Little Poems of My Day

You blew in,
no one knew
you knocked down towering trees
yet we could see through
we gawked and we shook
as you boomed and flashed
your transparent drops
began to cloud
and crash
against the glass
as we strained
our eyes burned...
another tree
at each turn
then as quick as you came
you blew away
to us a minute interuption
but to the trees
a forever fallen memory.

I see small sways
and your drops
come my way
and winds
blow you down
while my dogwood
holds on
to what?
the ground?
to life?
roots straining against you
While you
get washed,
lay down
won't stop
will grow
even taller
greener, stronger
while my little dogwood
struggles towering over
you, a green carpet below her
she struggles
you look weak
you will get cut
but you will go on

We say
live today
we say
let go
we say
be present
we say
go forward
we say
we say
we say
but when
is like
we stay
and I
go do


  1. I love the images and how they move to send such a strong message. This is beautiful.

  2. I love the collection of thoughts here. I'm glad you shared them all today!

  3. Such different views of the storm. Great images built with your word choice and line breaks. It's amazing the dogwood could stand strong. So sad to lose older trees.

  4. nice...the first one has an enchanting melody to it...and its honest as well...what seems insignificant to some means much to others...even if its a tree....smiles

  5. very different... loved the urgency of your words

  6. I very much like the piece, especially the repetition then break from "we say" to "we stay". ~ M

  7. Betsy,
    I like all the poems you shared...the one I connected with was about the storm...we had an awful rainstorm and the wind blew down some tree branches...it's neat how you personified the storm and the trees, the coming and going and the memories lost for ever!

  8. I loved them all...especially "go do". I think that that self talk is pretty important in the rough times. I also think go do implies action and perhaps the action of helping someone else helps us unstick. xo

  9. Betsy,
    I love all of these poems, but the first one really struck me as it seemed it could be about two things. It seemed it could be about the trees in a bad storm or those people who storm into life creating havoc and walking away. Loved the language in all....and always enjoy stopping by.